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Desert Apache or Metal Robocopter for £19 {EXPIRED}

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Posted: July 12, 2011 Expires: 13th July, 2011

Full Description:

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Unlike roflcopters, real helicopters aren’t powered by laughter, rather a mixture of rainbow dust and the dreams of motorway traffic reporters. Take to the skies with today’s Groupon, and choose between two cloud surfing RC helicopter toys, courtesy of Extreme Fliers:

After following their instincts and managing to squeeze investment out of a scary, cash breathing dragon named Theo, Extreme Fliers have graciously floated their way to the front of the toy market with their highly advanced, remote control helicopter gizmos. Priding themselves on ethical production values, in-depth online consumer support, and only the highest toy ingredients, their rapidly growing list of cloud dwellers and aviation knickknacks use the latest, patented dual-rotary and electronic gyroscope technology, making for a more fun, realistic and easier to control chopper like no other.

Groupon holders, Father Christmases and burgeoning UFO pranksters can all get their mits on a sparkly new RC helicopter, choosing either the intense Desert Apache or wind rippling Robocopter. Both are rechargeable via USB, making it easy to restore juice on the move, and for every half hour charge, ground based aviators can expect up to ten minutes worth of flight. Spare bits and bobs come ready packed, and additional replacements are low cost and easy to order, just in case of one too crash landings.

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