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£5 for every goal England score from o2 free sim {EXPIRED}

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Posted: June 3, 2010 Expires: 18th June, 2010

Full Description:

To celebrate the world cup and hopefully England’s success in the competition, O2 is giving free sim customers the chance to earn £5 each time England score a goal.

1) Get a FREE sim card from

2) Top up £15 by calling 4444 (FREE) or visit

3) Text GOAL to 66102 (Free) and they’ll send you a code.

4) Go back to the o2 site (above) where you got your free sim and follow the instructions.

The accumulation of all the £5, from each goal, is added to your acccount. So this is how it could plan out: You order a free sim and top up £15 on it. England score only 5 goals. You get £25 worth of credit added to your account – you made £25 and got a sim card with £15 free credit.

If you don’t think England can make it or score any goals you can also text CONCEDE instead to get £5 every time England let in a goal.

1) This promotion is only valid with the new promotional simcards at the link above or via the Get Deal button

2) There are only 100,000 free sims to order so be quick – there’s loads gone already

3) You can start registering from June 2nd and need to have ordered/registered your FREE sim before England’s first game.

Go England!!

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