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Since a very young age, Mr Best Deal has been brought up to look for a good deal. From the very first deal he found for his special valentine, Mr Best Deal has used his wealth of knowledge to treat friends to a special gift (in the form of a deal) on their birthday. From discounts on flowers @ Interflora to a free pizza @ Pizza hut, Mr Best Deal was everyone’s best friend.

Now, Mr Best Deal has decided to not just provide special deals for special occasions but for every single day of the year. So, now you don’t have to wait till your birthday. From a 16GB USB Stick @ to a Playstation 3 @ Zavvi, every day is a special day at

Mr Best Deal has made it clear that he wants to take the country by storm. He would like to provide special offers and best deals from retailers all over the UK and help people to keep more money in their pockets yet find them that special something for a great price.

A quote from the man himself: “Hey! Before you ask, no Mr Best Deal isn’t my real name…but one person, then another..word passed around and now it’s kind of stuck. I don’t find good deals. I don’t find great deals. Only the best deals and as soon as they are available.”

You can send Mr Best Deal your messages of thanks (or questions/queries) by using the contact button above or perhaps become a fan of his on facebook. Whatever you do, remember…”Keep it Real, with Mr Best Deal.”

We hope you enjoy using the site. If you’d like to contact us, remember, we’re just one click away – night and day.

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